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Tribe 2020

You might remember my recent post regarding my funk... It's been kind-of a long funk actually, though looking around, it seems as though I'm not the only one! My Facebook feed has been littered with others in funks.

So to recap my attempt of ridding the funk, I cleaned house. Then I made a list (because all funks need a list to help climb out of the funk!) And then I prayed.

My business has always been up and down. The downs are typically always in January each year, but there have been times when I've had slow months during other times of the year. Being completely honest though, the times when business was slow has always come at a time when I've quit praying for my business. Sometimes I get in a rut of thinking I can do it all; that my success is MY success. Silly girl... My success can only be attributed to answered prayer after answered prayer.

So here I've been, asking for direction; asking for clarity; asking for focus.

I've always dabbled in senior photography, meaning I've never really marketed it heavily. I have a senior gallery on my website and I'll book senior sessions, but they've always lacked something. I've never been able to put my finger on it though. The images are great (if I do say so myself!) and the parents are always pleased, but they've still been a little lackluster.

I've tried senior rep programs and they never work. Probably because I don't put much in to them but it always feels weird asking kiddo's to bring business to me.


Having 2 girls, I'm constantly thinking about ways to make them stronger and more well-rounded. I want them to have people in their corner to hold them accountable and to build them up. I want them to have friendships that they cherish for years to come. I want them to not take life too seriously, but to know when to take life seriously. I want them to be prepared for the world when the world takes them in. There's so much about being a teenager now that is so different from when I was a teenager and I want to help teenage girls navigate in a positive way that yields strong and confident and well-rounded young ladies.

Both of these concepts have been things I've had a passion for, yet it didn't occur to me until after asking for clarity, that I should COMBINE THEM. I don't have to be JUST a photographer.

•What's lacking in my senior sessions is any kind of connection with my clients.

•What makes girls feel pretty and confident is having a group of people to build them up and treat them like they matter.

The concept of combining these 2 things has resulted in a Senior Photography Experience, called Tribe.

This experience will include monthly get-togethers and monthly photography sessions, fun free items, discounts galore, and a corner of the world that is just for them; for them to band together across the city, to help the community, to feel great about themselves and to love hard.

And because I have a soft spot for girls heading into high school, I'm going to offer a Junior Tribe as well!

Applications for both programs will begin soon! Be sure to click the image below and fill out the form to receive the application as soon as it is published!

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