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Maternity Sessions

"It is crazy how much love you can have for someone you have never met."


It is, right? There is something magical about carrying a baby inside you. This time with your'll never get that back. Once he or she is born, you have to share. But for now, all of the tiny flutters and kicks in the ribs and jabs to the bladder... those are all yours, mama! 


Whether you want artwork for your home, an album for your baby or just images to keep for yourself, scheduling a maternity session with a Kansas City photographer is something special that you can do to embrace the overwhelming love and anticipation of the arrival of your baby. 

One of the biggest hesitations I hear regarding scheduling a maternity session is not wanting to purchase special outfits for the session which is why I have collected a variety of gowns and dresses and jumpers for you to use for your session.

Maternity sessions can be scheduled at an outdoor location of your choice, in the studio or in your home and are best scheduled between 32 and 36 weeks. Bring along your spouse or older kiddos or we can plan a special session just for you! 

A studio mini maternity session is included in the newborn session investment.

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