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Studio Sessions

The only.young.once studio is one of constant evolvement but one thing remains the same; simplicity and versatility. I often have a family with big kids and a newborn scheduled within a day of each other and it has to be able to accommodate both easily. 

Studio sessions offer clients a unique studio experience, blending the ease of clean and consistent lighting with the comfort of a "lifestyle" studio. My personal style of combining new and old has greatly influenced my studio. I love to incorporate a variety of textures and neutral, earthy colors, while allowing your family to become the center of it all. I frequent antique stores, combing them for unique props to add to the dimension of your images. 

The studio is fully equipped with props and blankets and swaddles as well as a wardrobe for mamas and little girls. The boy collection is growing! :) You'll find everything you'll need for a comfortable experience: changing table, fridge with cold beverages, TV with Disney+ and Hulu, and a play area for kiddos not being photographed. 

Check out a few images at the very bottom of the only.young.once studio, one of the most unique in Kansas City photography! 

The Studio

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