I didn't set out to be a photographer... just kinda happened.

I had a professor in college (the college where I went to become a teacher) tell me to find something I love doing and then figure out how to make money doing it. That seemed crazy at the time... My whole life I had been asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer was always, "a teacher". I dabbled in a lot of activities in high school but never really mastered any one thing, except journalism (specifically design). That's where I found that I lost myself. Work nights excited me. Deadlines began to define me. Looking at a clean page and creating something from the nothingness, became my passion. So, it made sense to become a journalism teacher, right?

About a year after I found my love for design, I found my first real job: a receptionist for a local photographer. And little did I know that that's where the groundwork began for my "career". I learned the business of photography from every possible angle. I had one of the greatest mentors and worked alongside some of the best in the field. After working for Jim Reed for 8 years, I worked for a marketing company and learned some additional traits that have helped me along my journey.

This is the point where my story begins to sound like every other photographer out there... "I started taking pictures after I had children.... I love photography.... I love babies.... I have a passion for photography...." Yep, that's all true. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2005 and that's when it all began to make sense. I finally had the time to realize that I needed an outlet for creating beauty and what better way is there than photographing an ever-changing subject?

So what sets me apart in a society that has become saturated in the field of photography? My experience BEFORE I actually became a photographer. I "grew up" in the field before PhotoShop was what photographers relied on to get a good shot; before shoot and burn photography existed; in an era where the value of a photography was in the quality of a print, not in the desire to own every negative. While I do sell digital images at competitive prices, my heart skips a beat when clients choose to order large prints! What also sets me apart? The ability to give you what my husband has coined "digital artistry". Yes, I use PhotoShop and I've learned to do some magical things with it! With me you won't get shots with strangers in them (I'll remove them). If your desire to get a perfect shot of your kiddo's isn't the desire of your kiddo's, I'll do everything in my power to create the perfect image. The scratches, drool, dry skin, even boogers... GONE!

I do love children and babies and photography. But I really hope that everyone in the field has that. When you hire me, you'll be getting so much more! Me as a non-photographer... I'm a pepsi lovin', beach-hoppin', water-skiin', God-fearin' mom to 3 and wife to my 7th grade sweetheart. My house is messy most of the time. I hate to cook. My maiden name is Bear. I love driving. My second home is at the swimming pool. I was born in the 70's. I love red. I despise the sound of a person eating soup.

While I prefer shooting outside, it's not always possible so I have created one of the best home studio's in the Northland! Located in the Staley Hills subdivision, it's an easy drive from most anywhere in town! Still not convinced I'm the gal for you? Let's meet for a Pepsi (or Coke! I won't hold that against ya!) and we'll chat! Call me today to set up an appointment...816.507.8545. Whatcha waitin' for? :)

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