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Kayla Sheer Kansas City Photographer

I didn't set out to be a photographer... just kinda happened.

Hi! I'm Kayla.

I think I'm supposed to use this page to tell you all about me and my journey with photography but frankly, all photographers have a similar story! Look at my galleries. A picture is worth 1000 words, right? 

So, you're here because you're debating on scheduling a session. Whether it's for your family, your new baby on the way, or your senior, the thought has recently crossed your mind. But, also in the back of your mind is the million questions and all the things that go along with a photography session. Maybe the day of your last session went a little something like this:

the kids are fighting, your husband is stomping around acting like you've ask him to put 12 bikes together on Christmas Eve, you still really have no idea what you're going to wear, the baby has an explosive poop on the way out the get there and the kids are still fighting, the baby doesn't have pants on because, well the explosive poop, you've forgotten your earrings, your husband is still in the car watching whatever sporting event is on his phone while you're unloading kid after kid and trying to find the shoes that were chucked across the car on the way. You smile through the session with frequent bribes for all involved. You load everyone back in the car and think, well... maybe in a few years, we'll try again. 

Listen, I get it. The above scenario doesn't have to be reality this time! I will hold your hand through the entire process and I'm happy to change poopy diapers if you need an extra hand. I will even shop for you if you don't have time! Just send me sizes. Seriously. I offer a client closet for mamas and little girls also if you just want to borrow something. My goal is to capture your family as it is. Grumpy faces at times and all. I want you to read together and blow bubbles and play ring around the rosy. I want to take time to look at the rocks your little guy found and the flowers your little girl picked for you. I want you to be able to pause, just for an hour, and reflect on every blessing of who your family is; big and small. I want your senior to dress the way he or she wants to, not how grandma wants him to. I want him to bring his guitar or her pointe shoes. If all you need at your newborn session is a nap, I will provide you with a pillow and blanket! I want your family photos to create memories and mementos for you and not a day that you want to forget as soon as you're done. 


So why me? Because I'm just like you.

I have 3 kids, ranging from 9-18.

I have a husband who HATES to have his picture taken. 

I just want pretty pictures to remember THIS chapter. 

And I will provide that for you. Pinky promise!

Kansas City senior photographer

Nicole, Senior Mom

Kayla is absolutely amazing and worth every penny!! I can’t tell you how much we love the job she did with our senior! She truly made him feel at ease, helped to capture what makes him who he is and we’ve never laughed so much during a photo session in our entire lives! And the location she chose was absolutely perfect for what our senior wanted! We will use her for all of our photographer needs!! Seriously each picture was so incredible they looked like a cover of a music album!

Kansas City family photographer

Mary Jo, Mom of 4

Kayla, with only.young.once, has been taking photos of our crew for almost 5 years now. She is so patient and kind, that photo sessions never seem rushed. When our youngest was born, she was at the hospital to capture the meeting of big siblings. We've done studio session and many outside sessions. All have been exactly what we need to capture our growing kiddos. Highly recommend only.young.once for all your photo/memory needs/wants!

Kansas City newborn photographer

Kyle, Newborn Dad

She handled our newborn AMAZINGLY. She soothed our baby when she cried and was very gentle and patient. Had all the colors and bows we needed, and the pictures are perfect. We’ll always be able to remember our baby as a newborn in the most beautiful way!

Kayla Sheer  |  816.507.8545  |
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