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2024 Senior Info!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

"When is the best time to schedule senior pictures?"

In my opinion, the summer before or the fall of, senior year!

I do get requests in April, at the end of their senior year, but by that time there is A LOT going on. You'll be trying to get announcements out, planning a graduation party, finalizing college applications, prom, sports banquets... all of the important events cumulate in the last 2 months and it's difficult to fit in another thing so then it becomes rushed and not as fun. Attempting to do it between December and March of the school year poses the problem of nature being unpretty and temperatures being unpredictable.

The summer allows a more open schedule and if being tan is important, it checks that off of the list. The fall allows for beautiful color and milder temperatures.

A few other things to think about when scheduling:

-are you wanting to include a uniform that is season specific? Football, basketball, band, baseball?

-are you wanting green trees, flowers, fall foliage, evergreens?

-does your skin turn red easily when you get warm?

-do you want multiple sessions throughout the year?

-what are you using your images for?

-do you want to include your pet or your car?

-do you prefer how you look in summer clothes (shorts, tank tops, sandals) or are jeans and sweaters more your vibe?

-how many outfits do you want to include?

For most of the area high schools, Reed Portrait Group will take the yearbook and cap & gown pictures starting in the summer. Although those photos are necessary, they serve a very specific purpose. Scheduling an additional session with a Kansas City senior photographer will allow your senior to truly express themselves and have fun images that they will be proud of. I greatly enjoy planning sessions for seniors that don't feel like they're doing it out of obligation.

If you have a 2024 Senior Girl, it's not too late to apply for the 2024 Senior Model Team!! Contact me ASAP to schedule her first complimentary session.

Email for more information:

Check out the senior gallery:

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