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Thank You from the Future

Hi Friends! I posted a question on my FB page yesterday that I wanted to chat about. I may do a FB Live tomorrow but I really don't like watching myself talk!

The question was, "when was the last time you had a family photo taken?"

Several answered with "last year" and that's awesome! I hope you have something on the books for this year too. Alexis answered with "6 years and 2 kids ago." Kurt said the last time was 100 pounds ago. Several answers were 2010, 2013... Kate's answer was also 6 years ago and she is a perfect example of what I know happens to many of us. If I had to guess, Kate didn't realize it had been 6 years until she really thought about it. I bet her initial reaction was, 'just a few years ago'. When her daughter Lucy was born, Kate purchased a 5 session Baby's First Year package and I loved seeing Miss Lucy every 3 months! Then Hank was born and Kate purchased a 3 session BFY. I still loved seeing Hank and Lucy for that year! And then Gus was born and I've seen Gus twice in his whole life...He'll be 7 next month... But this is normal. The 3rd (or 4th or 5th) kiddo or the family with kids in school... it's hard. It's hard to find time to gather the clan and dress them and make sure they're all behaving at the same time.

We've all heard the saying "the days are long, but the years are short" and it's so painfully true. Many times I'll remember something and then Timehop will remind that it was 8 years ago... EIGHT YEARS?!? Well, I guess so...Ryan was 2 and this was happening and... well yeah, 8 years. :( Time is such a thief and he waits for nothing. When the days turn into months and the months into years, it all runs together. And when you see your kids everyday, it's hard to see the change, but our kids change so much from year to year. In a year, an 11 year old little girl with a little baby fat, will turn into a 12 year old that resembles a mini-adult. In a year, a 5 year old with a mouthful of baby teeth will become a 6 year old asking Santa for her 2 front teeth. In a year, a teenage boy will start to grow facial hair. In a year, the baby that you didn't even try for will be a part of your family. In a year, the grandma that you thought would always be around, will have gone home to be with her Lord.

You guys...I'm so passionate about families taking the time for a family session. Not just because it pays my bills, but because it is the only gift I can think of that you can pass on to future generations. Occasionally we'll save a card with a loved one's signature on it. Sometimes we even have voice recordings of our loved ones voices. But photos, they're so easy and will last for years to come. When one of your kids wants to know where his receding hairline comes from, you can look back and see that great-grandpa Smith had the same one. Or when your daughter is curious what her grandma looked like when she was pregnant, you'll have those images.

Listen, I understand it's a hassle. Your husband doesn't want his picture taken. Your son doesn't want to wear "real" pants. Your daughter doesn't want to wear a bow. Your schedules are crazy...

Let your daughter skip practice. Take off work an hour early. Wear clothes you already have in your closets. Schedule the session. Hand your husband a beer on your way to your session. Bribe your kids with ice cream. Get yourself a new outfit (even if it's not for pictures!) Just make the time!!

Your grandchildren will thank you.

Ready to book? Click here!

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