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This is real...

I participate in several online photography communities. It's a great outlet for getting new ideas, asking for advice, sharing milestones and struggles. But every once in awhile I read a post and I'm floored by the lack of seriousness that some people place upon their business.

So, this was a post not long ago that left me speechless. I seriously tried to respond and kept typing and erasing... I just couldn't figure out what to say. Luckily, some others responded! Probably way more eloquently than I would have!

"Newborn Photogs!

My SO and I are going to be doing our first newborn shoot after just having our first maternity shoot with her. What are the general tips we need to know? We have a tracking studio set up and some baskets and a fur rug, but what else do you recommend having? Do you provide props/outfits/blankets, or does the client? I plan on practicing swaddling in the meantime, but what kind of cloth/material works best? Are bean bags useful?

When is the best prime time to photograph newborns?

Etc. etc. etc.

Basically just let us know, what you think we should know!"

For one, this is a photographer that has never had experience with even holding a newborn baby. That in itself should be enough to steer you away, but other than that, there is so much that goes into a newborn session, regardless of whether it's in a studio or at home. As a newborn photographer myself, I've spent years figuring out what makes a successful newborn session and my clients receive that information ahead of time. I also know what poses are safe for your newborn and won't even try the safe ones if your newborn isn't comfortable doing them.

You guys... if you are hiring a newborn photographer, please do some research and don't just choose the cheapest one. Most high-end photographers will offer payment plans, so don't let the investment put your baby in danger!

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