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Meal Plan: Week of February 4th

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Eventually I plan on providing a full list of recipes and grocery lists, but for now, here's a simple meal plan to hopefully help you out!

To start out, my goal every week is to spend no more than $125 at the grocery store. That includes 5-6 dinners, breakfast and lunch items for the kids to take to school. I also try to have dinners early in the week that Jeremy and Hannah can take in their lunches throughout the week. It's challenging choosing meals for the 5 of us...Ryan is extremely picky, Hannah needs to eat like an athlete, and Jeremy and I are trying to watch what we eat...Not an easy task!

I'd love to hear if these plans are beneficial for you and what you like and don't like!!


•Pork loin (I buy a pre-marinated pork loin and then Jeremy does his magic!)

•Mashed potatoes

•Mushrooms (again, Jeremy cooks these and they're delicious!

•Salad (depending on what the meat is, we do Caesar with Ken's dressing, red onion, croutons, black olives & parmesan cheese OR Italian dressing with onion, cucumbers, croutons and cheese)

•Bread (Farmhouse always with Shatto butter)


•Salmon (again...I don't cook this one!)

•Asparagus (baked with EVOO and salt & pepper)

•Sweet potatoes (baked with EVOO and salt & pepper)

•Greek orzo salad

•Bread (see above)

{We take the leftover salmon and the leftover orzo and combine it together for lunch the next day.}


•Guacamole (Jeremy's recipe)



•Breakfast...this is an every week dinner while Ryan has basketball practice. It consists of these pancakes, bacon, toast and either scrambled eggs or this casserole.


Broccoli salad if you have left over bacon from Thursday, save it!! If not, I use bacon bits and forego the sunflower seeds.

Saturday & Sunday:

We usually go out one night over the weekend and also try to get rid of leftovers over the weekend. I also try to always have frozen pizzas on hand as well as ingredients for home made pizza. This is my favorite pizza dough recipe. There's no waiting for it to rise!

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