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Meal Plan: Week of February 10

So, my family is getting pretty tired of soups... It's apparently been a long winter!! Jeremy and Hannah are the only ones that ever give me any good input and their requests this week were pretty simple: meatloaf and tacos. With Valentine's Day on Thursday, I'll skip a dinner for that night (I'll be spending my evening taking basketball pictures anyway!)


•Meatloaf: this is my favorite meatloaf recipe but I leave out the vinegar!

•Mashed potatoes

•Mac + cheese (I have my own recipe that involves Velveeta, sour cream, butter, milk and salt. Yummo!)

•Salad (probably lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, croutons and a choose-your-own-dressing salad)



•Chips + dip


•I'm going to try this recipe this week



•Butter pasta





•Cilantro rice


•Chips + Salsa

Saturday + Sunday:

•Next weekend is a CRAZY one for us; it's Jeremy's weekend to work, Ryan has a basketball tournament in Liberty and Hannah has swim districts in Platte City. Thank goodness for grandparents!! Because we don't know schedules yet, dinner will have to be on the fly so I'll have pizza stuff on hand along with stuff for hot sandwiches (tuna melts, sliders, grilled cheese...) The kids will love it (sarcasm) but it is what it is!! :)

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