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Curing my Funk...

Here it is the end of January and I can't believe that the month is over. I've been in quite a funk this month. I think it's the combination of January always being slow, still being in our rental, our delayed closing date, and the insane cold weather and snow, resulting in the kids being home a ton this month!

I've let the month get the best of me and anytime that happens, I end up sulking for a bit and then get a surge of energy that results in a deep clean of my house and then making a list of goals. The house deep clean started this morning (as a result of a frozen pipe in our master bathroom which meant the maintenance guy had to come fix it)! And then the list of goals. Although I do have them nicely written down with a place for a satisfying check mark upon completion, I thought I would detail them here too.

Add dresses for newborn moms.

I'm super anxious to get into the new studio for a lot of reasons, but I really want to step my newborn game up to the next level! So often, mom's don't want to be included in newborn sessions and when they do agree, they only want shots from the waist up. I get it. Having 3 kiddo's, I absolutely know how it feels after having a baby. You really want to get into "normal" clothes but you still look about 6 months pregnant. And no matter how many people tell you how great you look, you still don't feel like being in front of the camera. But mama's, the time of having precious images of you and your newborn can't wait...

So for the new studio, I plan on creating a wardrobe of beautiful, forgiving dresses that you can choose from to wear for your newborn's session.

Create "Recapture"

How many of you have tubs and tubs of old photographs? I know I do! And after watching several episodes of Tidying Up, I know I'm not alone! What if someone would take those tubs or old photo albums, scan your images, allow you to choose your favorites, and then receive a hard bound heirloom album?

This is one of my goals to start offering this year! I'd love to know if you would be interested in this service!

• Schedule 2 more Fundraising Friday's

If you haven't heard, tomorrow starts a new fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations! We'll decide on a specific Friday for your organization and any OYO gift card purchases on that day will result in your organization receiving up to 50%! Click here for a sample event. I would love to talk more about this with you if you are part of a group who uses fundraising!

• 1 Limited Edition Session Event per month

I know you all love "mini" sessions and this year I plan to give you plenty of options!

>February: Super Hero: February 9th (now scheduling!)

>March: Earth Day at Burr Oaks

>March & April: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

>April: Easter

>April: National Library Week with Sessions at the downtown Library

>May: May the 4th Be With You

>May: Mommy + Me

>June: Beach

>July: Christmas in July

>July: Ice Cream Sessions

>August: Back to School

>September: Outdoor Princess or Super Hero

>October: Urban

>November: Fall

>November: Vintage Truck

>December: PJ

• Start a Newborn Rep Program

Senior Rep programs have been around for a long time and I plan on running one again this year, but I also am planning on starting a NB Rep program too! If you're currently expecting, let me know if you'd be interested in hearing the details!

There are a few more but for now, these are the ones I'm sharing!!

I can't wait to "start" 2019!!

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