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Beware: Picture Overload

So, our house. Still not done. Still not being worked on. Still bitter.

But... the break in the weather last weekend, and the fact that we still have no drywall, allowed us the opportunity to go "write on the walls". I've been talking to the kids all along that before the drywall went it, I wanted to go write on the walls of our house and allow God to bless it through His words.

Last Saturday we went with Sharpies and Scriptures and the walls can now go in. No, seriously.

The walls can now go in.


Like today.


So here is a sample of of what we wrote AND our very first family picture in the house!!

Hannah was all in. She grabbed her Sharpie and went to work covering her walls with quotes and Scriptures.

Ryan on the other hand, was more interested in covering his room in baseball quotes! No worries, I added to his room too!

At least he's retaining something...

The girl's bathroom:

The loft:

Our room:

And then the stairs, the doorway, and other common areas:

I covered the studio as well, but it's sooooo dark down there! Just know those walls are covered in Scripture too! :)

67 days....

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