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kansas city family photography

So, you're here because you're debating on scheduling a session. Whether it's for your family, your new baby on the way, or your senior, the thought has recently crossed your mind. But, also in the back of your mind is the million questions and all the things that go along with a photography session. Maybe the day of your last session went a little something like this:

the kids are fighting, your husband is stomping around acting like you've ask him to put 12 bikes together on Christmas Eve, you still really have no idea what you're going to wear, the baby has an explosive poop on the way out the get there and the kids are still fighting, the baby doesn't have pants on because, well #explosivepoop, you've forgotten 1 earring, your husband is still in the car watching whatever sporting event is on his phone while you're unloading kid after kid and trying to find the shoes that were chucked across the car on the way. You smile through the session with frequent bribes for all involved. You load everyone back in the car and think, well... maybe in a few years, we'll try again. 

Listen, I get it. The above scenario doesn't have to be reality this time! I will hold your hand through the entire process and I'm happy to change poopy diapers if you need an extra hand. I will even shop for you if you don't have time! Just send me sizes. Seriously.

Take a few minutes to look around and then I'd love to start planning a session that you'll enjoy! 

only.young.once has proudly been a Kansas City newborn photographer, Kansas City children's photographer, Kansas City family photographer, Kansas City maternity photographer and Kansas City senior photographer since 2007.