Your senior year is a special one and one filled with bittersweet emotions. It becomes a year of further defining who you are and who you will become. It's holding on to friendships that you've had for 13 years and looking forward to new relationships in the future. It's being thankful to your parents for all they've done and the sacrifices they've made for you.


It's a year of lasts.


It's a year of tears.


It's a year of joy. 

You will test the boundaries while clinging to the safety of home. 

You'll realize you don't know everything. 

Some days you'll be counting down the days until graduation. Other days you'll long for the simplicity of year's past. 

Throughout it all, you should live each day with your arms opened wide, enjoying each step of the year. 

Tribe 2020 is a unique Senior Photography Experience, combining the need for a tribe during exciting times in life and a totally different approach to senior photography!

This experience will include monthly get-togethers and monthly photography sessions, fun free items, discounts galore, and a corner of the world that is just for you; for you to band together across the city, to help the community, to feel great about yourselves and to love hard.


And because I have a soft spot for girls heading into high school, I'm going to offer a 3 month, Junior Tribe as well!

Applications for both programs will begin soon!

If you are currently a junior or an 8th grade girl (or are the mom of an 11th or 8th grade girl) and would like more information, please fill out the following form:

Tribe 2020

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