It's what we all want as mother's...
to freeze time with our kids and to remember the little things.

...the chubby little fingers.
...the looks of admiration.
...the giggles.
...the way she plays with your necklace.
...the way he touches your face. 

For those of us with older kids, we just want to remember the moments with our kids that aren't in the car, shuffling from one activity to the next. 

...the random hugs.
...the impromptu hand holding.
...the moments of pure joy. 

From a mom with a teenager and a kindergartner and a little boy in between... I want to remember it all and I know most mothers do too. 

The ONLY way to freeze time is to have those moments captured in photographs. Our memories will fade. Our photographs will live on. You'll be glad you have them and one day your kiddo's will be glad you took the time to take them. 

Please share this on to anyone in charge of your Mother's Day gifts! They're probably wondering what the heck to get you anyway! 
Or totally spoil yourself! You deserve it Mama!! :)