If we want our pictures + stories

to really mean something,

to serve a real purpose

then we have to give them

better attention, 

more often. 

Life is strange. It has a way of making us long for tomorrow while wishing away today. We often hear that the days are long, but the years are short. And it's true. We want our babies to learn to walk and talk and dress themselves. But we also want them to stay little and chubby and dependent upon us.


We want to remember all of the moments. Bathtime. Bubbles. Hugs + kisses. Baby curls. Hand holding. Eskimo kisses. Pancake making. Dancing in the rain.


Our generation of parenting has become so reliant upon capturing memories with our phones and that scares me. It scares me as a parent and as a photographer. Once our memories fail us and our current electronic device is obsolete, we are left with nothing. 

As a photographer, I am so passionate about creating photographs that preserve your memories. I would be honored to help you plan the perfect experience that leaves you with priceless images of your and your littles.

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