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On-Location Choices

Let me start out by saying that most of the time, the location doesn’t matter…  You don’t have to choose an enormous location or a park with lots of different options. I’ve found that I can get great shots in small pockets with great lighting; that’s really the key to a great location. I’m always excited to find new pockets around town and welcome clients with new ideas. I like adventures! I would love to have a discussion with you regarding your clothing choices and family personality to help put together an awesome session! If you don’t have an idea, here is a list of places I’ve had lots of experience with and I know you’ll be thrilled with the outcome.


Amity Woods Nature Trail… (152 and N. Amity)

–walking trail

–green areas

–mulch trail

–small location, few distractions


**Oak Grove Park…  (Gladstone)


–walking trail


–large trees



Smithville Lake…

–small beach areas



–hay bales

–large, tall grassy areas

–deserted gravel roads

–few to no distractions


Downtown Leavenworth…  evening only

–old abandoned buildings

–neat textures on buildings


–large windows to stand in or beside

–delivery docks

–urban setting


Prairie Creek Greenway… (Platte City)

–walking trail

–large rocks


–small fences

–native grasses

–small location, few distractions


**Liberty Square…

–great urban alternative to the West Bottoms


–brick buildings

–park benches


–grassy area


Shoal Creek Living Museum… (152 Highway and Shoal Creek Parkway)

–1 bridge

–lots of old buildings (church, school, bank, barn, house…)

–a lot of natural props (stairs, barrels, white fence, rocks, some flowers)

–about ¼ mile walk from the parking lot to where all of the stuff is (a stroller or wagon is recommended with little ones!)


Loose Park (Rose Garden)…

–stone structure with benches and stairs

–ivy growing up stone


–park benches

–roses (seasonal)

–stone pillars

–stone stair case

–less crowded than the main part of the park


**Briarcliff… (169, just north of Downtown Airport)

–pond with fountain in the middle

–rock walls

–walking trail

–small waterfall

–wide open grassy, treed area

–large rocks to sit on

–some flowers

–pretty private location


Loose Park (pond side)…

–pond with fountain in the middle

–3 bridges

–park benches

–wide open grassy areas

–rock walls

–can be crowded at times, making lots of distractions


Downtown Parkville…

–shabby chic type buildings

–wooden staircase

–park benches

–white fence

–brick buildings

–small rock/brick walls

–have to work around people and parked cars


Downtown Smithville…

–urban alternative to the West Bottoms

–small, clean location

–cute and colorful storefronts

–abandoned buildings



Downtown Kearney…

–urban alternative to the West Bottoms

–small, clean location

–exposed old brick

–abandoned church building

–older looking storefronts


Antioch Park… (Merriam, KS)

–several bridges

–2 ponds

–rose garden (seasonal)

–walking trail

–lots of trees

–small stone walls

–wooden fences

–park benches


**Fox Hill Outdoor Classroom… (off of 106thStreet and Woodland)  evening or weekend only

–train car


–wooden fence

–treed area

–small walking trail

–small bridge


West Bottoms… (a few stipulations apply)

–old abandoned buildings


–old doors and windows

–deserted streets


**Fairfield Park… (Cookingham and N. Charlotte)

–concrete walking trail

–wood/metal bridge

–large rocks

–lots of trees and grassy areas

–small location, few distractions


Hodge Park Athletic Field…

–Baseball fields

–large grassy areas

–large wooden bridge

–mulch walking trail

–large logs

–wild flowers (seasonal)

–tall grasses

–small location, few distractions


**The Trail of Heroes and Shoal Creek Round-About…

–small location, few distractions

–mulch trail

–wooden benches

–canopy of trees

–stone archways with stone benches within driving distance


**Bridge Point Park… (Barry Road and Maplewoods Parkway)

–concrete trail

–large rocks

–shallow river beds

–large logs


–wooden fences

English Landing Park...

–walking trails

–large rocks

–shallow river beds

–big mature trees



 The Plaza…

–colorful storefronts


–bright staircases

–Kansas City feel

The Crossroads District…

–interesting alleys

–safe graffiti

–rustic storefronts

–brick walls

Watkins Mill…

–mulch trails

–old buildings

–beautiful fall color

–tall grassy fields


–wooden fences

**Anne Garney Park...


–tall grass

–walking trail



–great evening location

Hobby Hill Park...


–walking trail


–tall grassy fields


–great morning location

Anita B Gorman Park… Northland Fountain

Liberty Memorial…

Red Barn Farm…additional charge

Downtown KC…

Park University… 

William Jewel College…


Kauffman Gardens no longer allows professional photography sessions.

**Keepsake Session options.